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Who is she?

Asking the real questions...

Hello hello! My name is Bella Grace Harris and I am a New York City based Actor, Singer, Dancer, Director, Writer, and Teacher.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was always surrounded by people of the entertainment industry. But it was really my grandmother who inspired me from a very young age. As an actress of the stage and screen, a self published poet, and an overall strong and sensitive woman, I knew who I wanted to model myself after. Her tales of glamour lit a fire inside me that said "This is in your blood. This is what you're meant to do,"

I began my training in the arts at a very young age. Theatre, TV, Film, Singing, Dancing, I wanted to do it all. I was lucky enough though to have parents who made sure I had as full a childhood as possible (even with my big dreams). I got the odd commercial job here and there, but my childhood was enriched with community theatre, spending time with my twin brother, and curling up with a book in the backyard. 

Although I had tremendous support, my life was not without challenges. From a very young age I was diagnosed with multiple different anxiety disorders and clinical depression. Theatre was my escape in my early years, but when I came to realize that it could not serve as my only coping mechanism, I got help. I began educating myself at thirteen about my conditions and what could be done about them, including therapy, medications, and mindfulness. Since then, I have been a fierce advocate for erasing the stigma around mental illness. I am an open book, because if I can't tell my story, how can others?

I recently graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a Major in Drama (Musical Theatre) and a Minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Spring 2019). I completed my primary training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and my advanced training at The New Studio on Broadway. Looking forward to playing every single role Kelli O' Hara has ever played and also being the Only Quirky Girl On Broadway (unless Natalie Walker gets there first).