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Look at the recent artistic things I've done!

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Shakespeare on the Common 2023: Macbeth

Boston, MA

Making my Shakespeare on the Common debut this Summer with CSC's production of Macbeth directed by Artistic Director Steven Maler. This is kind of my first Big Kid acting job so I'm very excited! (My father is also excited because our Macbeth is being played by Faran Tahir, big movie actor well known as the villan in the first Iron Man film.) Click the photo for more info!

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Stage 2!

Boston, MA

So honored to be a part of CSC's educational theatre program this year. We are doing Romeo and Juliet set in space and I am playing the nurse! I am also playing Gregory in the first scene, so I get to do some stage combat. This will be my third time playing the nurse in my life, the first being when I was sixteen, and the second being this past summer when I did this production as an apprentice! It's also an honor to be asked back! Click the picture for tickets and more info!

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Motherf**cking Girl Scouts!

All Out Arts’ Fresh Fruit Festival

First in person show since the pandemic! So excited to take on the role of Staci in my good friend Emmy Weissman’s play, Mother**cking Girl Scouts. 
Performances May 11th, 13th and 14th at The Wild Project. Ticket links and fundraising links coming soon! 

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Apprenticeship!

Boston, MA

Picture this: it's March 2020. Your Strawhats auditon was just made virtual. You think, while I have the time, I'll apply for some apprenticeships! Record some self tapes! Try and get those EMC points! Surprise: you are quickly accepted to the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's Apprenticeship program in Boston MA for... Summer of 2020. Then a pandemic happens, the program is pushed a summer, then another summer, and now you're 25 doing an apprenticeship you applied for when you were freshly 23! Woo Shakespeare!


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 4

Amazon Prime Video

Finally I can share that I am going to be on Season 4 episode 8 of the Emmy award winning show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Check me out in a scene in a classic Jewish deli waiting in line behind... get this... Jackie Hoffman!

Streaming on Amazon March 11th 2022

Broadway Covid Safety


Adding to my multi-hyphenate again, I have become a certified Covid Compliance Officer for Theatre Production and Live Performance! I've been on the Broadway Covid Safety team for Swiftest since October 2021, and I am so happy to have been a part of bringing Broadway back and keeping it safe! To book me as a CCO for your next production, contact me!


Artists in Residences!

Table Top Broadway

I have been selected from over 5000+ submissions to take part in "Artists in Residences!" (formerly known as "Live from Quarantine"). I will be performing a triad of Leading Man Tenor songs with a sapphic twist, all while maintaining the original keys! My medley will include Maria from West Side Story, Johanna from Sweeney Todd, and Sibella from A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. Use my link by clicking on the photo! every ticket purchased via my link sends money STRAIGHT to me! Please pay me for my art thanks love you. 

Streaming: Thursday April 22nd, 2021 at 8PM Eastern

I am now a certified Intimacy Captain!

Intimacy Coordinators of Color

I am now adding "Intimacy Captain" to my multi-hyphenate! I had the absolute privilege to take a virtual workshop with the absolutely amazing Ann James where I learned all the ins and outs of Intimacy Captaincy, emphasizing cultural context. A few of the main principles of ICOC include working toward a common good, de-centering whiteness, and transformative justice. Click the image to learn more about ICOC!

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Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 5.21.32 PM.jpeg

Julius Caesar

Braving the Bard

Shakespeare!!! With an all non-binary cast!!! (also I'm non-binary by the way, surprise). This radio production of JC is produced by the new company Braving the Bard, which aims to make Shakespeare accessible. All of their productions stream for free from their website and are also accessible on Spotify. Click the image for Part II! My monologue begins at 42:50.

The Food Of Love: A Virtual Valentines Day Cabaret

Stage Left Denver

An entirely student run company? Yes Please! And the best part, all ticket profits go to The Delores Project, a shelter for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals in the Denver area. I'll be singing "Dance With You" from The Prom, we love queer representation. (With a fabulous accompaniment track by fellow NYU '19 Alum Ryan Hudzik). Click the image for tickets! If you can't make the performance, you'll find a clip of my performance under the "Singing" tab. 

Streaming: Valentines Day 2021


I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, Oh Wait, It's Just a Satellite

Imaginarium NY

I am so lucky to be a part of Imaginarium NY's inaugural play festival! This lovely short play written by Syona Varty is about how wishes get granted. I play Marianne, the manager of a wish granting center up in the sky. Click the image for more info on Imaginarium NY!

Streaming: November 21st, 2020. 3PM Eastern

Sharon's Play


My first experience with Zoom rehearsals! Very excited to play the title role in Sharon's Play by Harry Michael Bagdasian, directed by Ilise George. This touching short play is about Sharon and Jerry Michaelson, a young couple in the aftermath of a miscarriage. This has been a challenge to work on, but I am so happy to be learning all the ways theatre can persist during the pandemic. Contact me privately for the streaming link, or click the image to see two monologues!

Streaming: October 2nd, 2020, 7:30 PM Eastern

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 5.30.36 PM.png


Burrowing Artists

My Pandemic actor activity included being a part of Burrowing Artists Vol. 2 (@burrowing.artists). Burrowing Artists is a project started by NYC based playwright Taylor Steele which connects playwrights and actors. Each playwright and actor collaborate on making a monologue that inspires each of them. I was lucky enough to be paired with the extremely talented Molly Rose Heller. I immediately felt a connection with her, as we were both Californian, Jewish, Theatre Makers. 

For this project, I wanted to explore queerness and judaism. I have never been able to represent my queerness in a theatrical context before. This piece is very close to home, and I feel it is a very good representation of who I am as an artist in this moment. Go to the "Acting" tab of my videos to view!

(Also, surprise, I have pink hair now)

Sawyer Thompson

In the Works at The Duplex

So thrilled to be lending my voice to another musical production involving Justin Gates (see below with The Place Between)! This time, we'll be presenting a few songs from another one of his thesis productions Sawyer Thompson at The Duplex. < Facebook event found here. Originally inspired by The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the show has come to follow one summer in the lives of a few 20-something friends in a small town at the tip of Cape Cod, as they navigate the tides of adulthood, change, love, and unexpected loss.

Performance: October 20th

Click the photo on the right for tickets! HOT TIP - use code "Gates" or "Gallagher" for $5 off your ticket purchase!

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 4.30.30 PM.png

The Place Between

Guerrilla Recordings

Last week I got the chance to record some demos for my favorite composing duo, @gatesandsnippe for their new musical The Place Between: A New Lovecraftian Musical. I've been helping bring Sonia to life since our collaborative classes with the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch in the Fall of 2018, and it was such an honor to continue to bring her to life post-grad! Thank you Justin and Celine, praise Cthulhu.

Click the image to listen to "A Thousand Wonders" on Celine's website!

Not A Showcase!

NYU Tisch/New Studio on Broadway at 54 BELOW!

Hey so I MAY not be in this photo but don't let that fool you!! My classmates and I will be singing some stuff at Feinstein’s/54 Below at a thing that is Definitely Not A Showcase. We Do Not want to be professional actors. we Do Not want representation thank you very much. This is definitely Just For Fun. please come! We're all talented! It's such a shame we will not be sharing our gifts with the professional world. :(

Performance: May 14th

Click the photo for tickets!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 6.38.30 PM.png

Galen Hooks Method Classic Workshop

Centerstaging Los Angeles, CA

Over spring break I had the absolute pleasure and honor to participate in the master choreographer Galen Hooks' master class/workshop for dancers. This was truly life changing. Galen is such a wonderful human and such an inspiring artist. I got to get more comfortable in my improv movement and learn her choreography to The High by Kelea (go to my videos to check it out!).

Bernarda Alba

NYU Tisch/New Studio on Broadway

My next production will be LaChiusa's musical adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba. I am excited to be a part of this show that somehow keeps coming back to me, and having LaChiusa in the room with us is a complete honor. I will be playing Maria Josefa, Bernarda's senile mother. 

Performances: March 5th-13th 

Click the photo for tickets!



NYU Tisch/New Studio on Broadway

I am so excited to share that I will be participating in my first main stage production at the New Studio on Broadway. Based on the book by Studs Turkel by the same name, Working is a documentation of the real life working class of America. All of the text and lyrics are taken from his book, and therefore, from the mouths of real people. I will be portraying Rose Hoffman, the teacher. 

Performances: November 10th-18th

Click on the photo for tickets and more info!

The Way I Hurt - Brett Castro

Music Video

SO this is a little different for me, but I am one of three dancers in Brett Castro's music video for his new single The Way I Hurt. Choreographed by Patrick Yeboah, and directed by Kevin Yu, this absolute bop was an honor to be a part of. 

Click the image to watch the music video!


The Glass Girl

Collaborative Development Project and Graduate Musical Theatre Writing at NYU

So thrilled to continue my work on The Glass Girl in this workshop with NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing program (GMTW) and Collaborative Development Productions (CDP). Being in the first 29 hour reading of this lovely musical was such a great process and I am so happy to continue working with the CDP team. 

Performances: July 29th-31st

Click the photo to contact me about tickets!

The Swashbucking Sisters and the Story of the Seven Seas

Tisch Drama Stage Festival

Arg! We love a staged reading! This children's musical about powerful lady pirates is a huge blast to perform in. I love kids and this was a wonderful thing to perform for them!

Performance: April 25th

Click the photo for ticket info!


Waiting for Dave Franco: The Urban Outfitters Musical

Winterfest Play Festival

Yes. This is a musical about Urban Outfitters. I'm a mean 'ol customer. I would never behave like this woman in real life, but it's fun to be evil. I return an ugly shirt with a familiar face on it.

Performances: March 1st-3rd

Click the photo for tickets!

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